Drug Liability

Drug liability law, also known as pharmaceutical liability law, is a legal field that addresses issues related to defective or harmful pharmaceutical products. It focuses on holding pharmaceutical companies accountable for manufacturing and distributing drugs that cause harm to consumers.

This area of law encompasses a range of scenarios, including cases involving dangerous side effects, inadequate warnings or labeling, manufacturing defects, and misrepresentations by drug manufacturers. Drug liability law seeks to protect the rights and safety of patients and consumers by allowing them to seek compensation for injuries or harm caused by prescription or over-the-counter medications. Attorneys specializing in this field work tirelessly to help individuals who have suffered adverse effects due to pharmaceutical products secure the justice and compensation they deserve, while also advocating for improved drug safety standards and accountability within the pharmaceutical industry.


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Defective Medication, Bad Drug, and other Drug Product Liability Lawsuits.

Dangerous and defective drug lawsuits and other defective drug product liability lawsuits are becoming more common as drug companies and the pharmaceutical industry continue to produce, market, and sell drugs that they know cause devastating health problems.


Common drug lawsuits include:


• Chantix

• Reglan Tardive Dyskinesia

• Avandia

• Vioxx

• Ketek

• Gadolinium Contrast Dye

• Trasylol

• Zyprexa

• Tylenol

• Defective Birth Control

• Antidepressants (SSRI)